Toner Compa HL-6250,6300,6400,6600,6800,6900,5000-8KTN-3480

24,00 €
Tasse incluse
Sizes: DDDD
Box: 8
Color: Black
Certificate: ISO9001
Comp. brand: Brother

Disponibile 9868 Articoli
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Toner compatible for 

Brother  DCP  DCP-L 5500 DN DCP-L 6600 DW  HL-L  HL-L 5000 D HL-L 5100 DN HL-L 5100 DNT HL-L 5100 DNTT HL-L 5100 Series HL-L 5200 DW HL-L 5200 DWLT HL-L 5200 DWT HL-L 5200 Series HL-L 6250 DN HL-L 6300 DW HL-L 6300 DWT HL-L 6300 Series HL-L 6400 DW HL-L 6400 DWT HL-L 6400 DWTT HL-L 6400 Series 

Brother MFC  MFC-L 5700 DN MFC-L 5700 DNLT MFC-L 5700 DW MFC-L 5700 Series MFC-L 5750 DW MFC-L 6800 DW MFC-L 6800 DWT MFC-L 6800 Series MFC-L 6900 DW MFC-L 6900 DWT MFC-L 6900 Series

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9868 Articoli
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